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UK Birmingham Advisory and Student Consultant Ltd (UKBASC) Is Registered by The Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner (OISC) comply with the most up to date immigration rules thus allowing us to provide highly professional and comprehensive advice to all our clients
Confused by UK Immigration law? In need of expert immigration advice? Our team of immigration specialists have plenty of experience in finding solutions for UK Immigration issues.

To get the best immigration advice available we recommend a consultation with an immigration specialist from our team, Please contact our office in Birmingham UK.

Our immigration specialists can offer you professional advice and guidance regarding your immigration matter, giving honest and impartial answers regarding the likely outcome of your case. You’ll be given all the facts allowing you to make an informed decision on how to proceed with your matter.

UK Birmingham Advisory and Student Consultant Ltd (UKBASC) is a professional immigration advisory centre who provide a dedicated consultation service to anyone wishing to enter the UK for work, travel, Residency, Nationality or Study. Our team of professionally trained legal advisers are here to help you identify and achieve your goals.
​All our clients are offered a no commitment initial consultation where we can discuss each avenue open to your situation and determine your most suitable working solution. We offer professional consultation services for anyone looking to for help with Visas, Immigration and/asylum protection.

Uk Birmingham Advisory and Student Consultant Ltd support team can help you identify the correct course and level of study
We have a huge and growing portfolio of schools, colleges, and Universities. This means that we can help you to apply for some of the world’s best institutions
Once you choose and Uk Birmingham Advisory and Student Consultant Ltd identify your desired place of study, we will take over your application and complete the application process on your behalf.
In order to complete your UK Visa application efficiently and to increase the likely hood of its success, your immigration matter will be dealt with in a few simple stages:
​Assessment of your personal circumstances during initial consultation
Gathering and preparing of necessary supporting documents
The completion of your UK Visa application
Submission of your Visa application in the standard format required by the Home Office UK
Contact you with the result and return all submitted documents
Our immigration advisers are here to provide you with a complete service when you are applying for immigration to the UK. Simply contact us with your specific situation and we will be able to advise you on the best route to a successful application.

For more details of our Visa & Immigration services, simply email us on as much detail as you can provide and we will contact you within two working days.
Our immigration advice service provides peace of mind; you will leave the consultation reassured that your case is in the hands of immigration professionals

Our consultation service provides you with useful and practical advice and gives you an idea of the likely outcome of your application before informally instructing a Barrister to act on your behalf. This will save you time and money

You have nothing to lose by using the consultation service, because you stand to reduce your costs before your case file is even put together

You will gain the personal support of an Immigration Specialist, which you would not get by dealing with your Immigration matter by yourself

Should you instruct an Immigration Specialist to take on your case, the consultation fee will be deducted from your final fee

All our advisors have studied lived and travelled extensively in the UK so we can provide you with in-depth advice on the geography of surrounding areas, living conditions in and around the towns, the status of your school, it’s recognition in the UK and worldwide.
Our services are simple and follow a these few steps;

1) Consultation: Our advisors will give you the best advice on immigration.

2) Preparation: You will be given a list of supporting documents which you will be required to submit to support your application

3) Submission: The completed application along with supporting documents will be submitted to the UKBA (United Kingdom Border Agency).
For more details of our Visa & Immigration services, simply email us on as much detail as you can provide and we will contact you within one working day.

Call now on +44(0)1213267116 and book an appointment to see one of our advisers today!

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